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Authentic Manga Lessons in English

Curabitur Fringilla

Learning Manga Drawing is actually more than techniques. I came to Japan a few years ago to learn manga drawing, but it took a year to learn Japanese Language before even start learning manga techniques. And yes, it took more time and money. At Japan Manga School, everything is in English. You don’t need to learn Japanese before learning Manga techniques! (Believe or not, there is no such school teaching Manga Drawing in English even in Japan!!)

Great Learning Experience at Home

Vivamus Aliquet

Ever since I was little, I was passionated about Manga. It has been my dream to learn how to draw manga, but there is no manga school in my hometown. When I learned about the Japan Manga School, I was skeptical at first to be honest. I was totally wrong. At Japan Manga School, there is a long list of video lessons to learn from. Unlike other online lessons, Japan Manga School also offers drawing critique, professional manga instructors giving you feedback on your own manga! It was purely awesome learning experience!