Let’s Learn Authentic Manga Writing Techniques.

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Have you ever wondered…,

  • I want to draw Manga, but I don’t know where to start.
  • I can draw my own Manga, but I don’t know to get better.
  • I want to learn professional manga drawing techniques, but there nowhere nearby where I can learn.

then you came to the right place to start learning manga.

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Japan Manga School provides an authentic Manga Learning experience via online video and textbook in English for those who want to learn Manga Drawing Techniques.

Don’t you want to have am authentic Japanese Manga instructor to review and provide a video feedback on your Manga? With Japan Manga School, you can experience the full Japanese Manga learning experience from your home!

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Manga Making

Manga Making

With this Manga Writing course, you can learn the basics of how to create your own manga. Once you understand the fundamental Manga Making techniques, you can apply them to your own works!

Character Drawing

character drawing

In the Character Writing course, you’ll learn basic skills on how to draw characters, using a rokutoshin female and a hattoshin male, which are typical in Japanese manga. Try your best so you can draw your own original character!

Shopping Flow

Shopping Flow

The process of purchasing the course materials is explained below.
The following explanation will discuss these four topics: “Video + set of art tools + editing service”, “video only,” “set of art tools only,” and “editing service only.” If you are considering on purchasing the materials, please read the page.



These are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about taking the class.
The FAQ covers the basic questions, so if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the company. Our contact information is in the “Contact Us” section.

Figure Making