Steps to creating a manuscript and recreating the manga

Steps to creating a manuscript and recreating the manga

Steps to creating a manuscript and recreating the manga

If you work page by page of a manga, it’ll take a while until you can complete all the pages. To efficiently make your manga, you want to work on one group of pages at a time. We’ve looked at the processes of drawing manga in the past curriculum, but this time, let’s group pages 2 to 4 from the sample, “Nurse Warrior W Angel,” and learn the steps to creating a manga manuscript.


0. Name

The first step is making the storyboard of the manga, or the “name.” Using this as a base, let’s work on the manuscript.


1. Frames/speech bubbles (rough draft)

Use a ruler and draw the frames in pencil and decide where the speech bubbles should be.


2. Atari(rough draft)

Roughly layout and sketch the characters and the backgrounds.


3. Rough drafts of characters and lettering

Draw the rough draft of characters and then decide where the letterings will be drawn.


4. Inking the characters, letterings, and speech bubbles

Outline the speech bubbles, then the letterings, and finally the characters with a pen. If the letterings are behind characters, then you can ink the letterings later.


5. Inking the frames

Outline the frames with a pen.


6. Rough draft of the background

Draw a rough draft of the background.


7. Inking the background

With a pen, outline the background.


8. Eraser

Erase any pencil marks.


9. Beta(Spot-filling)

Spot-fill any areas you want to add beta with black ink.


10. White

White-out any lines that jut out or any other mess.


11. Screentone

Use screentones in this step. First scratch the tones. Paste the tones starting from the background, and then the foreground.


12. Write the dialogue in pencil

Inside the speech bubbles, write out the dialogue in pencil. Now, you’re done with the manuscript.


13. Phototypesetting

When you’re making doujinshi, you want to set type for the dialogue to make a professional-looking manuscript.


14. Publication

This is the published version of the manga, after the extra white spaces are cut off.