Drawing the Face (Front & Side)

Drawing the Face

The female character to the under is an example of a completed line-drawing. The core method of line-drawing is to first properly lay out the design of the figure. Rapidly scribbling down a final illustration is not a commonly done.

Drawing Step

An example of a character line-drawing…

  • Step1:Draw a nude foundation sketch.
  • Step2:Add basic details.
  • Step3:Draw the rough draft.
  • Step4:Cleanup and completion.

..showing the process from beginning to completion.

* Foundation sketch : Draw the draft roughly.
* Cleanup : Draw it by clear solid line.

Circle with a Chin: Drawing the Head

There are many different ways of drawing the head portion of characters, however many of these processes can be difficult when you draw them from different perspectives and different angles. That is why we will take the “circle-with-the-added-chin” approach when drawing the heads of these characters.


“For drawing male characters, draw a circle, and draw the centerlines. From the temple to the cheek bones, draw a slightly diagonal line downwards, and another diagonal line downwards to the chin. For male characters, put a flat end to the chin, and for female characters, draw a sharper chin.

The size of the chin for males is ⅓ the size of the head and the eyes will be positioned approximately at the ½ line (length) of the head. For female characters, the size of the chin should be ¼ the size of the entire head and the position of the eyes should be lower than the ½ line (lenth) of the head. The position of the ears should be linear to the position of the eyes. Neck length (from the end of the chin to the collarbone) can be approximately ⅓ the head size for males and ¼ the head size for females, but as a general guideline, female neck length should be smaller than males.”

Detail Points for Female Characters

Girl face

For the female face, similar to the male face, we draw a rectangular grid, slightly longer width wise, and draw the facial features according to the grid.

Eyes, Eyebrows

Droopy Eyes,Cat-like Eyes

For the eyes, there are two types: droopy eyes, and cat-like eyes. For both of them, draw a pentagon, and add roundness afterwards. Do not connect the bottom line to either side. Add overlapping lines to express indentation of the eyelids. The distance of the eyes should be slightly longer than one eye distance. For the iris, draw it as an oval instead of a circle, and draw the pupil a little bit bigger than when we did the pupil for the male characters. For the eyebrows, draw them thin, and place them a short distance away from the eyes.

Nose and Lips

Draw the nose, picturing it facing slightly upwards. For the lips, a single line is drawn so that both ends are slightly thicker than the middle. This line doesn’t have to be realistic.

Buzzed cut Head with 3-Blocks Method of Drawing Hair

Similar to the face, it is important to categorize the strands of hair into rough blocks as well. Instead of simply just drawing the hair ends, be aware of how hair as a whole grows, the whorl, and parts. With his in mind, let’s introduce techniques for illustrating hair.

Drawing head

Imagine growing hair on the head of a buzzed cut

So first, when you are thinking of drawing hair, you must emphasize the hairline. Many people forget to add hair where hair should be, or draw hair coming outof a place it shouldn’t be growing.

That is why emphasizing the hairline by drawing it like the figure on the left helps.

Drawing hair in three blocks

Hair should be roughly divided into three different blocks: the front, the side, and the back, using the top of the head as a point of emphasis. Instead of jumping straight into the ends of the hair, add volume to the whole hair and then work through the details.