How to Draw Characters

Here, the content uses a Rokutoshin female character and a Hattoshin male character, which are typical of Japanese manga, as models. This content is available for free.

Let’s learn the basics first, so you can draw your unique, original character!

Drawing the Face (Front & Side)

Drawing the Face

We will introduce how to draw the front view and the side view of the face, which is the foundation for drawing characters!

The foundation is the same for any character, so after you practice here, try drawing your favorite character or your own original character!

How to draw hands and arms

How to draw hands and arms

The hands are definitely the most difficult body part to draw.

However, you’ll be able to diversify the character’s expressions and actions by mastering how to draw the hand. In the beginning, try your best, don’t panic, and practice while looking at your hand or other resources for reference!

Facial expressions

Facial expressions

Remember, when you want to add expression to the character’s face, try to move only the eye area, eye brows and the mouth area while maintaining the face’s bone structure. We will introduce several different variations, so try to bring out the uniqueness of the character!