kiyokazu KAN


Debuted in Super Jump Magazine with “PaPa.” Built his career through manga and illustration projects, and the private exhibition, “The World of Manga-ya KAN,” which has acquired strong popularity along with the Manga School.

Produced the TV program “Mastering Manga from the Beginning,” broadcasted by Nihon TV, and appeared in the program as the main instructor. Authored “Basic Manga Techniques”, “Improved Drawing Methods: Drawing Hands and Legs.” Has trained many cartoonists as a coordinator for manga-illustration courses in multiple educational institutions.

Shigetoshi FUJITA


A freelance designer, whose area of expertise expanded beyond figurines to include novelty goods and water bottle designs.

Established and designed Figure Course curriculums in multiple schools, and trained many new figure modelers finishers. Currently teaches Design Art at Osaka University of Art’s Junior College as a part-time lecturer.

Authored “Creating Model Figures I, II,” and “Let’s Paint Model Figures” (Graphics-Sha.) Participated in several exhibitions, including “Wonder Festival,” under the dealer name of YAN,3D-PROJECT.