Company Information

Company Information

You can learn an authentic Manga technique low in price regardless of where you are.

“I would like to draw Manga but I don’t know how to start.”
“I have drawn Manga but I don’t know how to correct it “
“I would like to learn an authentic Manga technique but I don’t have means close at hand”

Japan Manga School offers people who wants to draw Manga above-mentioned
beginner-friendly animated teaching materials and textbooks wholly in English and French. Besides you have it corrected by professionals easily and can experience as if you could attend the Manga school as you sit in your living room.

Please take this course by all means if you take an interest in drawing Manga.

The characteristics of Japan Manga School

Lessons by a lecturer with achievements

The lecturer of this course opened Manga school in Tokyo after retirement as a
professional cartoonist..He is an expert teacher with more than 10years’s experiences and has produced a large number of cartoonists.

You can choose from three courses

You can choose one of the following three kinds of courses.
「Character drawing Course」「Manga drawing Course」「Figure producing Course」
Every course is authentic which has 10 lessons of 60 minutes each.
Please select a course you can take an interest in.

Every course has a correction service

As every course provides you with a correction service by a lecturer, you don’t have to come to Japan for study but feel free to get advice.