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Japan Manga School provides an authentic Manga Learning experience via online video and textbook in English for those who want to learn Manga Drawing Techniques.

With Japan Manga School, you can experience the full Japanese Manga learning experience from your home! And, your manga will be reviewed by our professional Japanese Manga instructor! Check out Drawing Critique here!

Japan Manga School provides 3 courses: Manga Making, Character Drawing and Figure Making (coming soon).

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If you want to learn more about our manga courses, you might enjoy exploring our free manga tutorials.

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Free Tutorial
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Authentic Manga Lessons in English

Curabitur Fringilla

Learning Manga Drawing is actually more than techniques. I came to Japan a few years ago to learn manga drawing, but it took a year to learn Japanese Language before even start learning manga techniques. And yes, it took more time and money. At Japan Manga School, everything is in English. You don’t need to learn Japanese before learning Manga techniques! (Believe or not, there is no such school teaching Manga Drawing in English even in Japan!!)